Galilel Cloud

Welcome to the fully automated masternode and staking hosting platform

Galilel Coin

Galilel Coin (GALI) is an open-source Proof-of-Stake digital crypto currency for fast (using SwiftX), private (Zerocoin protocol) and secure microtransactions. Our main goal is to create a decentralized fully secure and anonymous network to run applications which do not rely on any central body control. By having a distributed system, thousands of users will be responsible for maintaining the application and data so that there is no single point of failure.


Galilel Cloud

Galilel Cloud is a service-hosting platform. It provides a complete automated solution to run fully managed and highly available multi-redundant Masternode as a Service (MaaS) and Proof-of-Stake as a Service (PoSaaS). It is a simple solution, manageable by anybody without any crypto currency knowledge. While market competitors require local wallet installation, it is not necessary in Galilel Cloud. You can run masternodes from local wallets, cloud wallets, paper wallets, web wallets or mobile wallets. While this is more challenging task from infrastructure and security point of view, it will improve mainstream adoption and knowledge of masternodes. Adding new crypto currencies to the platform does not require any manual intervention, neither from the currency project team nor from the Galilel team. This process is automated and new crypto currencies work in sandbox mode for some period until verification completed. Linux containers (LXC) manages isolation of different users and their wallets. The verification process and using securely isolated containers eliminates potential security breaches if crypto currency include backdoors to withdraw foreign wallets. Beside Masternode as a Service (MaaS) and Proof-of-Stake as a Service (PoSaaS) we implement Block Explorer as a Service (BEaaS). It will significantly reduce service time to delivery for any new crypto currency as we will deploy, run and maintain the block explorer. The project and development teams can sharpen their focus on more important tasks.


Masternode as a Service (MaaS)

We implement an automated solution for hosting masternode crypto currencies. It allows users to run hot node in our infrastructure and cold wallet on their premises or - for simplicity - to run both wallets in our platform. Linux Containers (LXC) guarantees isolation of the different customer tenants. Developers can upload and verify features of new crypto currencies before launch and run them in testnet mode. Once they launch their crypto currency, a simple click turn it into production mode.


Proof-of-Stake as a Service (PoSaaS)

We believe in the mission that services should be simple. By implementing Proof-of-Stake hosting, we extend our product portfolio with another minting service. Users are able to spin-up Proof-of-Stake wallets with simple clicks. The backend will deploy the wallets in background and notify users once they are ready. One tenant can run multiple staking wallets of different crypto currencies in the same environment. Individual payout thresholds per crypto currency are configurable.


Block Explorer as a Service (BEaaS)

With Block Explorer hosting, we complete our services stack. Each user can have multiple block explorers running in the same environment. The service uses our own backend code which monitors the blockchain for changes and synchronizes it in real-time via wallet notification system. As fallback, it monitors the blockchain and periodically synchronize the backend. Based on this backend we implement a theme-able frontend delivering the best user experience.


Security Design Principals

Security is a crucial part for any kind of web service. Whenever user interacts with a service that require authentication, backend get these data via an encrypted channel between the user and the system. The bcrypt algorithm hashes the data and securely store it in our redundant databases. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge include the platform domain already in their (269) 870-9524 preload list built-in the browser. We heavily use Linux Containers (LXC) for infrastructure isolation.


Unique Blockchain Features

The blockchain is the base for our payment service; however, we have identified already weak points for further improvements. While offering a masternode hosting service it is logical step to implement a shared blockchain to run 7632094797 wallet daemons in a client server model. For further attraction of investors, we implement Proof-of-Burn (PoB) algorithm into our blockchain. This algorithm rewards the destruction of coins send to an un-spendable address. For a wider adoption of the Galilel wallet, we introduce ready-to-use binaries for new architectures.


Transparency and Split Development

The trust relationship between investors and the project team is key to success. Therefore, we have created a GitHub organization named 539-214-9753, which tracks all our development activities in public repositories including all our backend code and passed 2402150177 public verification. The project uses mostly 866-268-5963, (781) 972-8082 and 718-905-6545 open source and open content licenses. We use a divided engineering resource and project goal model: 75% service platform development and 25% blockchain research development.


Galilel Statistics

Galilel Statistics visualize the current real-time snapshot of the blockchain network. The wallet notification system updates the statistics automatically once a new block is detected in the network.

Network (GH/s) Difficulty Height Masternodes Average Reward Time
3976.14 60382.72 216255 271 4h 31min


Coin Information

General information about used algorithm, ticker symbol, staking and masternode collateral.

Description Parameter
Coin Name Galilel
Coin Ticker GALI
Hash Algo Quark
RPC Port 36002
P2P Port 36001
Type PoW / PoS / MN
Minimum Staking Age 2 Hours
Rewards (till block 1500) MN 60%, PoW 40%
Rewards (till block 205000) MN 60%, PoS 40%
Rewards (from block 205001) MN 70%, PoS 30%
Last PoW Block 1.500
Max Coin Supply 25.000.000
Masternode Collateral 15.000
Community Donation Address UUr5nDmykhun1HWM7mJAqLVeLzoGtx19dX
Proof-of-Work Rewards

Proof-of-Work is used as instamine protection and will end at block 1500.

Block Height Reward MN PoW Coin Supply Stage Runtime Stage End
Block 1 220.000 GALI (premine) 60% 40% 220.000 0 days 2018-05-25
Block 2 - 1500 1 GALI 60% 40% 221.499 1 day 2018-05-26
Proof-of-Stake Rewards

Proof-of-Stake will start at block 1501 until max coin emission is reached.

Stages Block Height Reward MN PoS Coin Supply Stage Runtime Stage End
Stage 1 1501-12000 100 GALI 60% 40% 1.271.399 7 days 2018-06-02
Stage 2 12001-22000 90 GALI 60% 40% 2.171.309 7 days 2018-06-09
Stage 3 22001-42000 80 GALI 60% 40% 3.771.229 14 days 2018-06-23
Stage 4 42001-100000 70 GALI 60% 40% 7.831.159 40 days 2018-08-02
Stage 5 100001-160000 60 GALI 60% 40% 11.431.099 42 days 2018-09-13
Stage 6 160001-205000 50 GALI 60% 40% 13.681.049 31 days 2018-10-14
Stage 7 205001-250000 25 GALI 70% 30% 14.806.024 31 days 2018-11-14
Stage 8 250001-340000 15 GALI 70% 30% 16.156.009 62 days 2019-01-15
Stage 9 340001-430000 10 GALI 70% 30% 17.055.999 62 days 2019-03-18
Stage 10 430001-956000 5 GALI 70% 30% 19.685.994 365 days 2020-03-17
Stage 11 956001-1482000 4 GALI 70% 30% 21.789.990 365 days 2021-03-17
Stage 12 1482001-2008000 3 GALI 70% 30% 23.367.987 365 days 2022-03-17
Stage 13 2008001-2534000 2 GALI 70% 30% 24.419.985 365 days 2023-03-17
Stage 14 2534001-3114016 1 GALI 70% 30% 25.000.000 403 days 2024-04-23


Whitepaper and Guides

Official Galilel media files with logos, banners, images, icons, videos and the whitepaper (WP).




Galilel wallet is available for a wide range of platforms and architectures.

Windows Linux macOS
931-454-7887 galilel-v2.0.0-lin32.tar.gz galilel-v2.0.0-osx64.tar.gz
malgrace galilel-v2.0.0-lin64.tar.gz (641) 497-0247
galilel-v2.0.0-win32-setup-unsigned.exe galilel-v2.0.0-armhf.tar.gz
3125099424 galilel-v2.0.0-aarch64.tar.gz

Galilel wallet is available in source for compilation of unsupported platform.

Source Code Checksums Signatures
galilel-v2.0.0.tar.gz (905) 659-4337 (205) 309-6391
Blockchain Snapshot

Galilel blockchain snapshot is created every night, used for fast bootstrap of new wallets.

File Size Date Height
blockchain-215952.tar.gz 170,41 MB 2018-10-23 215952
306-763-5850 169,51 MB 2018-10-22 scaling
blockchain-213101.tar.gz 168,24 MB 2018-10-21 877-916-0030
blockchain-211673.tar.gz 167,26 MB 2018-10-20 211673
(800) 764-9143 167,88 MB 2018-10-19 210255
blockchain-209359.tar.gz 168,17 MB 2018-10-18 8034222952
312-908-2305 157,08 MB 2018-10-18 4025294648

Galilel repositories include wallet, backend and daemon source as well as media files.



Leadership and Development

Meet the team behind Galilel.

Maik Broemme
Founder & Developer
Miles Clay
Co-Founder & Designer


Milestones and Estimations

What we build and when you can expect it.

  • September 2018 17
    1.Register new domain name (SSL secured)RESOLVED
    2.Create new block explorer (SSL secured)RESOLVED
    3.Create block height announcement botRESOLVED
    4.Create donation announcement botRESOLVED
    5.Create GitHub announcement botRESOLVED
    6.Create GitHub repositoriesRESOLVED
    7.Community poll: Max Coin SupplyRESOLVED
    8.Community poll: MN/PoS reward distributionRESOLVED
    9.Community poll: MN collateral amountRESOLVED
    10.Community poll: Reward structure modificationRESOLVED
    11.Create new branding (logos, banners and icons)RESOLVED
    12.Merge PIVX 3.1.1 toolchain and autoconf macros for cross compilationRESOLVED
    13.Update wallets to v2.x with version enforcementRESOLVED
    14.Know Your Developer (KYD) public verificationRESOLVED
    15.Inform about mandatory update (wallet, link and logo updates)RESOLVED
    16.Inform about mandatory update (wallet, link and logo updates)RESOLVED
    17.Inform about mandatory update (wallet, link and logo updates)RESOLVED
  • October 2018 9
    1.Push galilel-scripts (legacy scripts to deploy masternodes) into GitHubRESOLVED
    2.Create discord invite link via domainRESOLVED
    3.Create new landing page with coin and team informationRESOLVED
    4.Create and release whitepaper (WP)IN PROGRESS
    5.Push galilel-media (logos, banners, videos and whitepaper into GitHubIN PROGRESS
    6.Release v2.1.0 wallet with new checkpoint blockIN PROGRESS
    7.Create new Bitcointalk announcement, new bounties, reviewed use case and whitepaperOPEN
    8.Push galilel-website (new Galilel landing page) into GitHubRESOLVED
    9.Push ghlib (Galilel Hosting backend library) into GitHubOPEN
  • November 2018 6
    1.Add to HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) list for major browsersRESOLVED
    2.Push galilel-bot (Galilel notification bridge to Discord channels) into GitHubRESOLVED
    3.Push ghexplorerd (Galilel Hosting explorer daemon) into GitHubOPEN
    4.Rebase Galilel v2.x codebase with PIVX 3.1.1OPEN
    5.Build packages for major Linux distributionsOPEN
    6.Create branding guide with brand colors, typography and sizesOPEN
  • December 2018 2
    1.Push ghcontrol (Galilel Hosting client application for LXC management) into GitHubOPEN
    2.Code security review and hardeningOPEN
  • January 2019 4
    1.Push ghcontrold (Galilel Hosting daemon for asynchronous job processing) into GitHubOPEN
    2.Create service ordering system running on-top of gh* backend codeOPEN
    3.Create service automation system running on-top of gh* backend codeOPEN
    4.Partnering with one service provider for infrastructure hosting of alpha platformOPEN
  • February 2019 3
    1.Private beta of BEaaS (Block Explorer as a Servce) platformOPEN
    2.Public beta of BEaaS (Block Explorer as a Servce) platformOPEN
    3.Bug fixingOPEN
  • March 2019 5
    1.Private beta of BEaaS-HA (Block Explorer as a Servce High Availability) platformOPEN
    2.Public beta of BEaaS-HA (Block Explorer as a Servce High Availability) platformOPEN
    3.Private beta of MaaS (Masternode as a Service) platformOPEN
    4.Public beta of MaaS (Masternode as a Service) platformOPEN
    5.Bug fixingOPEN
  • April 2019 5
    1.Private beta of MaaS-HA (Masternode as a Service High Availability) platformOPEN
    2.Public beta of MaaS-HA (Masternode as a Service High Availability) platformOPEN
    3.Private beta of PoSaaS (Proof-of-Stake as a Service) platformOPEN
    4.Public beta of PoSaaS (Proof-of-Stake as a Service) platformOPEN
    5.Bug fixingOPEN
  • May 2019 3
    1.Private beta of PoSaaS-HA (Proof-of-Stake as a Service High Availability) platformOPEN
    2.Public beta of PoSaaS-HA (Proof-of-Stake as a Service High Availability) platformOPEN
    3.Bug fixingOPEN
  • June 2019 2
    1.RTM (Release to Manufacturing) of service (BEaaS[-HA], MaaS[-HA], PoSaaS[-HA])OPEN
    2.Partnering with additional service providers for platform hostingOPEN
  • July 2019 1
    1.Implement PoB (Proof-of-Burn) in Galilel v3.xOPEN
  • August 2019 1
    1.GA (General Availability) of service (BEaaS[-HA], MaaS[-HA], PoSaaS[-HA])OPEN
  • September 2019 1
    1.Implement one-to-many masternode with client-server modelOPEN


Buying and Trading

Galilel can be traded on the following exchanges.



Marketing and Awareness

Partners and market capitalisation websites promoting Galilel and providing monitoring or masternode hosting services.



Contact Us

Get in touch with the core team of Galilel, join our Discord channel, follow us on Twitter or write a post in BitcoinTalk forum.